List samsung galaxy models

Samsung Galaxy smartphones have been extremely popular for years. Within the Galaxy J seriesyou have traditionally found the cheapest Samsung phones, but this phone series has merged into the Galaxy A series.

The new model range looks very complete infrom cheap budget models to advanced mid-range smartphones. We are now in April, so far Samsung has released eight new A-series smartphones, six of which will be sold in the Netherlands.

InSamsung opts to also carry real budget phones in its A-series. The prices quoted are for a single device without a subscription. In you can go to the Korean manufacturer for even cheaper models. You will receive a mobile phone that runs on the latest operating system from Google; Android 9 Pie. The Samsung Galaxy A10 has a large 6.

This houses a 5MP selfie camera. On the back, the mobile phone is equipped with a single 13MP camera. This is the only Galaxy smartphone in that does not have at least one dual camera. There is also no fingerprint scanner, but the A10 has Face Unlock, which makes it possible to unlock the device through face detection.

In addition, a 3, mAh battery is built in, more than enough capacity to get through the day. Consumers can buy the Galaxy A10 from Maythe smartphone appears in three colors; black, blue and red.

Samsung Galaxy A series 2019 models; Price and specifications

Why Samsung chose the A20 to stick an 'e' behind it is not entirely clear to me. There is a Galaxy A20 released, this device is however conducted in Russia and has quite a few differences with the European model. With us, you can only buy the Galaxy A20e. A budget smartphone with a slightly smaller screen than the Galaxy A This device has a 5.Samsung continues to be one of the most popular phone manufacturers in the world and with good reason.

It also had a single-core 1GHz processor and 0. The rear camera was 5-megapixels, while the front was just 0. The thing that really stood out about it was the customisation of Android. Although we'd seen some of TouchWiz on other devices, it felt like it worked on the Galaxy S. Also known as the Samsung Galaxy S IIthe refreshed phone was released in April and sported a similar x screen as its predecessor.

The processor got a bump up to dual-core and 1. The rear camera was 8-megapixels this time, with a 2-megapixel front-facing cam. Again sticking with the Roman numerals, so therefore technically known as the Samsung Galaxy S III, this model came out in May and was the first in the series to have an HD screen.

Its resolution of x was pretty revolutionary at the time. It also sported Android 4. There was a 1. It was slightly more sculpted than the previous phone and it felt like Samsung wanted to push the design a little harder. Released in April and ditching the Roman numerals that nobody used when referring to Galaxy phones anyway, the S4 had a 5-inch Full HD display. It also upped the processing power to a 1.

The rear camera had a bump too, up to megapixels. The design sense that we'd had from the S3 really came through here: the Galaxy S4 was a great phone, it just looked and felt right. There was a 2. And the rear camera was once again improved, to a megapixel module. But the most interesting thing about the Galaxy S5 was around the rear, with a texture like a sticking plaster.

Samsung was still using removable plastic backs at this time. April 's Galaxy S line was the first to offer two separate devices at the same time. It was a defining moment for the Galaxy S series, something that continues thereafter.

A 5-megapixel camera was adopted for the front. Like its stablemate also released in Aprilthe Galaxy S6 edge had a 5. Where it differed is that the sides of the display are curved and wrap around to give the illusion of no bezel - a radical alternative at the time.

Like the S6 before it, it was the flat-screen version of two handsets, but added a dual-pixel megapixel camera for better low light photography and faster octa-core processor. The Galaxy S7 edge was a true flagship phone in every respect.In this list, we break down some of the best Samsung phones from the high- mid- and even entry-level options.

These hyper powerful and super expensive devices help define the flagship landscape in None of these phones are cheap nor are they great value. That may be the only big complaint about these devices. However, you get the x zoom on the camera, 5G in every device, and a host of other modern features. However, the Snapdragon is no slouch and Samsung plans to sell these at a bit of a discount in alongside its S20 lineup. They even both keep the headphone jack and the microSD slot, two features that are slowly slipping away from flagship devices.

Its high-capacity battery, dual-lens selfie camera, and large form factor make it quite possibly the perfect phone.

Although the Galaxy S family is the most popular line of Samsung devices, the Galaxy Note line takes the power and versatility of the S line one step further. The Note line usually features all the same specs as the S line but bumps things up a little more, making the Note line the cream of the crop as far as Samsung phones go. The Note 10 Plus, specifically, is easily the most powerful device on this list — but also the most expensive. Both Note 10 devices come with the S Penwhich in this iteration features gesture controls.

Using this new feature, you can do things like control your smartphone camera remotely just by waving your hand in certain ways. Depending on the model, you might also lose out on some RAM and internal storage. You also still get the S Pen, the latest Android 9 Pie updates, and a beautiful, notch-less display. Shop around for the best deal! However, the small form-factor and lower price as compared to the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus make the S10e a mid-ranger by proxy.

The S10e has the same processor, the same front-facing camera sensor, the same software, and very similar options for RAM and internal storage as the main Galaxy S Display: 5.

First off, this device is big: its display is the same size as the one on the Galaxy S10 Plus. Display: 6. The Samsung Galaxy A20 teeters on the edge between mid-range and entry-level.

Its price is pretty low and some of its specs are fairly weak, but a few features make it an appealing device to those who want specific features on a tight budget. Those specific features are a large battery, a large nearly-all-screen display, the latest Android software, and a decent dual camera setup on the rear. You get all of that with the Galaxy A20!

Unfortunately, you lose out on some other stuff, most notably the amount of RAM and internal storage. The two most notable features of this phone are its very crisp display resolution nearly the same as on the Galaxy Note 10 and its enormous battery. In fact, even though this phone is incredibly cheap, it has the biggest battery of all the phones on this list. The camera system will also leave a lot to be desired. However, if you want a cheap device that will last a long time on a single charge and look good doing it, this is the phone for you.

This is it: this is as low as Samsung goes. It has a single camera sensor on the rear unlike all the other phones on this list with two or morea teeny amount of RAM, a small amount of internal storage, and a fairly small battery capacity.

Click the button below to grab it! These are our picks for the best Samsung phones you can get, although there are a lot of other options out there as well. The Best. Your guide. Andrew Grush.

History of the Samsung Galaxy S

Editor's pick.The original Galaxy Tab which was renamed as the Galaxy Tab 7. Its operating system is based on Android 2. The Galaxy Tab 7. This model had the same resolution as its predecessor at xbut used a PLS panel. It came with Android 3. The device measures The Galaxy Tab 8.

List of Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge Model Numbers

It runs Android 3. However, after the iPad 2 release, some specifications were described as " inadequate " [14] by the executive vice president of Samsung's mobile division. This would lead to the introduction of a newer, slimmer Although there was no information about a delay of the European release date, it was announced that the previous design, seen at the Mobile World Congress, would be sold relabelled as "Samsung Galaxy Tab The Galaxy Tab An update to Android 4.

list samsung galaxy models

The Galaxy Tab 2 series is the second generation Galaxy Tab 2 7. Both models run Samsung's TouchWiz software on top of Android 4. The Galaxy Tab 3 series refers to the third generation Galaxy Tab 3 7. The Galaxy Tab 3 7. All 3 devices share a similar design language to the Samsung Galaxy S4 and other recently released Samsung devices. The Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 7. Storage is only 8 GB on each model, with a microSD card slot for expansion.

list samsung galaxy models

The Galaxy Tab 4 series refers to the fourth generation Galaxy Tab 4 7. The Galaxy Tab 4 7. All 3 devices share a similar design language to the Samsung Galaxy S5 and other recently released Samsung devices. Also all of these tablets feature the same 1. The Tab A comes in three sizes: 8", 9. This tablet range is unique in the Tab lineup in that it is the first Tab device to come loaded with the free versions of Microsoft Office, including OneNote and OneDrive.

Samsung Galaxy

The Tab E comes in three sizes, which are the 7. As ofSamsung stopped implementing MHL Mobile high-definition link in their flagship Galaxy smartphones and tablets. The tablet has a first-party keyboard attachment included in the box. It is a folio keyboard. This means it can be in two different positions depending on how the stand is set up.

When closed, it has a leather-like texture to protect from normal wear and tear when traveling. It can also be paired with a phone via Bluetooth. With this, users can unlock the tablet with their phone's fingerprint sensor.

list samsung galaxy models

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.There's a shake-up on the list of the best Samsung phones, now that the phone maker has introduced us to a trio of new handsets. The Galaxy S20 lineup introduces faster processors, more impressive cameras and inviting displays to Samsung's lineup, though one of the newcomers towers above the others — and not just because of its 6.

The Galaxy S20 Plus is our pick for the best Samsung phone you can buy right now. It delivers nearly all of the features you'll find in the Galaxy S20 Ultra, but for a lower price. The phone's impressive cameras are marred by an autofocus feature, and while Samsung has developed a fix, it hasn't rolled out to the U. While the Galaxy S20 Plus may be Samsung's best phone — and one of the best Android phones available — Samsung's existing phones are nothing to sneeze at, especially with Samsung cutting prices on many of its Galaxy S10 models.

If you don't need the latest and greatest the S20 models have to offer — including the four-figure price on both the Galaxy S20 Plus and S20 Ultra — the Galaxy S10 Plus remains a top option.

list samsung galaxy models

The 6. The Galaxy Note 10 Plus is our choice if you want a big-screen device though don't sleep on the S20 Ultra and its 6. The Note 10 Plus offers an even bigger display than the S10 Plus at 6. If you don't want to spend a lot of money, the Galaxy A50 is a compelling choice that also happens to be on our list of the best unlocked phones available.

There's also the compact-yet-powerful Galaxy S10e — the price of which has now dropped with the launch of the Galaxy S Samsung has also introduce the Galaxy S10 Lite and Galaxy Note 10 Litethough we're still waiting to hear price and availability info on those stripped-down models. Here's a closer look at all the currently available Samsung phones we've reviewed, ranked from top to bottom.

Screen Size: 6. The Galaxy S20 Plus is the standout among the trio of smartphones Samsung released this year, not because it offers the most high-end features — the Galaxy S20 Ultra has a more powerful telephoto lens and main camera — but because it manages to strike the right balance between premium features and price. While the the Galaxy S20 Plus isn't equipped with a MP main camera like the S20 Ultra, the four cameras that are there produce excellent shots that match up well with what the best camera phones produce.

All the other top features packed into the S20 lineup are on hand with the Plus model. That includes 5G connectivity — the S20 supports both mmWave and low band-based networks — and the Snapdragon processor that delivers the best performance we've seen from an Android phone. The Galaxy S20 Plus also enjoys the same Hz refresh rate Samsung has given all its new flagships, so you'll get the smoothest scrolling available albeit only at lower resolutions.The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are far better than their predecessors.

Galaxy S7 Edge is bigger, and also brings a massive bump in the battery i. The standard S7 touts a 5. A 5 MP shooter is on the front to entertain selfie freaks. Both these phones are following the design and build language introduced by the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. As usual, Samsung is going to launch a plethora of variants under the S7 and S7 Edge umbrella. Now that Samsung has also turned back to its tradition of launching the same smartphone with 2 different SoCs, we will be seeing different regions getting different chipsets plugged inside the S7 and S7 Edge.

Will there be any other differnces as well i should know about? Only a hardware expert can clear you on this. The image you attached is not accessible. Please write down the model number here so that I can get you the firmware.

Contents 0. Fix commonly camera issues with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. This list seems to be missing the SM-GU. Which phone is this Loading Drop it below. Cancel reply. Stock Wallpapers. How to. Fix Play Store This app is not compatible with your device March 21, March 16, Load more. We are only a fan site dedicated to Android and iOS.The first models in the series, the first-generation Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5which were introduced in December and released in March Following the announcement of the series, Samsung announced that they will sell up to 20 million Galaxy A series smartphones, targeting consumers in EuropeAfricaAsiathe Middle East and Latin America.

As ofmost of the Galaxy A series models are currently available in most countries. Galaxy Tab A is also part of the A series and is also available in most countries as well. A high-end device, the Galaxy Alpha is Samsung's first smartphone to incorporate a metallic frame and more premium materials, although the remainder of its physical appearance still resembles previous models such as the Galaxy S5.

It also incorporates the Qualcomm Snapdragon or Samsung's new Exynos system-on-chip, which is the first mobile system-on-chip to use a 20 nanometer manufacturing process. However, the Galaxy Alpha received mixed reviews: although praised for its higher quality build and design in comparison to earlier Galaxy models' utilitarian plastic construction, the device was criticized for its modest specifications in comparison to the flagship Galaxy S5, with the Alpha being criticized for lacking water resistance, lower resolution screen p versus p and no MicroSD slot for expandable storage.

The Alpha also debuted at a price too high for what some considered to be a "mid-range" smartphone, as although it did share the same Snapdragon as the Galaxy S5, most earlier phones with the Snapdragon had already been on the market for months and saw price drops.

Several updates were made throughout the world and in AprilAndroid 5. The Galaxy A series are similar to the Galaxy S6and the Galaxy Note 5 flagships, which were released in Apriland Augustrespectively. In JanuarySamsung unveiled the edition of the Galaxy A series. The new design of the series are very similar to the Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edgereleased in March Samsung introduced the lower mid-range Galaxy A Series on February with high end specifications and features such as a multi-lens camera, new infinity display, new Samsung One UI software, in-display fingerprint scanner, higher capacity batteries with fast charging, more powerful SoCs and increased RAM and storage.

The video stabilization feature returned after it was removed from the Galaxy A series. Samsung introduced the new Galaxy A series just a few months after the release of their predecessor, the Galaxy A series. Samsung Galaxy Alpha. Samsung Galaxy A3. Samsung Galaxy A5. Samsung Galaxy A7. Samsung Galaxy A8.

Samsung Galaxy A3 Samsung Galaxy A5 Samsung Galaxy A7 Samsung Galaxy A9. Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro. Samsung Galaxy A8 Samsung Galaxy A6. Samsung Galaxy A8 Star. Samsung Galaxy A9 However, this is the first Samsung phone to remove the Headphone jack. Samsung Exynos Octa US [17]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8. Main article: Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9. Main article: Samsung Galaxy Tab A Main article: Samsung Tab A 7.

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